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2010 Catsnip-a-thon

The Catsnip-a-thon was a joint effort between local animal welfare groups, and it was partially funded by No Kill Louisville. Alley Cat Advocates (ACA), Kentucky Humane Society (KHS), and Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) worked together to spay/neuter a large number of cats in an effort to supplement ACA's monthly Big Fixes. There's currently a long waiting list for unowned cats that need to be fixed through ACA's Big Fix program.

Volunteers and staff help move the cats through surgery and recovery

with compassion and gentle hands. This may be the only time in their lives that these

unowned cats receive any medical attention.

In Honor or Memory of Your Pet

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No Kill Louisville's Board of Directors was asked to raise the last $2,700 needed to fund the Catsnip-a-thon when NKL was just two months old. We were told it needed to happen in two weeks time or the Catsnip-a-thon might have to be postponed. NKL's members raised the entire amount needed via FaceBook and emails in just 11 days!

As a result, 236 cats were spayed or neutered on Sunday, August 22. YOUR donations are helping to make real change in our city by funding the most effective way to lower the unowned/feral cat population - TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release or Trap-Neuter-Return). If you'd like to volunteer to help Alley Cat Advocates, head to their website for details at Alley Cat Advocates.