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Bentley's Progress Report (scroll down to see how his story began)

Month 3 (June 29) - We just received this email from his trainer as well as the below photo and video. We're still looking for a foster home or adopter, so email us at [email protected] if interested. ~Jess

From his trainer:

"Bentley is a great dog, very smart. We have been working on basic manners and he loves to work on the gym (agility) obstacles. He has lots of energy !!! Very bouncey!!!! and needs an outlet for all his energy.... He loves a good game if fetch.... Which is played with sit ! Drop. ( the ball) gets a cookie and throw it again. He is working still on off ... Not jumping up. I have crate trained him ... But im sure not hes not housetrained but very trainable i believe Has learned to wear backpacks ... Really loves attention from people. He waits for his bowl of food until you tell him ok eat. At present he does NOT get along with other dogs. ... I have been working with him on this but it is a slow process. 

I'm willing to keep helping with his training. I would like to be to get him in a class some day after we work thru his other dog issues. He needs a home where he can get more intensive hands/ people training and attention" 

Month 3 (June 10) - Bentley's training is having positive effects. He's now ready for the next step. He's listening to commands and doing great.

Now, he needs to go into a foster home or adopter so he can be with a family and begin to take the next steps in his journey to joy and happiness. If you'd like to foster or adopt Bentley, please contact us at [email protected]

Bentley wears a backpack and did great on his walk.

He's perfect for active families or individuals 

 Month 2 - Bentley goes through his training at Almost Home and Boarding. The staff work with his behavior to help him learn how to interact with others without getting overly excited. As you can see, he's doing great! The behavior training at Almost Home is working wonders! 

Month 1 (updated March 6, 2012) - Bentley is now at Almost Home Boarding and Training and beginning to go through the first stages of training. He still gets super excited when interacting with people but is as sweet as can be and learns quickly. Things are going well but he still needs more attention and time with the experts at Almost Home. Donate to his training and care if you can and please share his story with others. We'll keep you updated. (For the history on Bentley, see the above story.)

Here are the newest photos of Bentley. You can see he's happy and adorable! We'll be looking for a foster and/or adopter in the coming four to six weeks, so let us know if you're interested by emailing [email protected]

This is for Bentley!

Meet Bentley.

Bentley was pulled from a high kill shelter in Ohio as a puppy and has been with a Cincinnati area shelter ever since. The Cincinnati shelter initially thought he was a lab mix and intended to 

adopt him out.

However, as he grew, the shelter staff decided that his appearance resembled a lab/pit bull mix, and the shelter did not adopt out pit bulls or bully

mixes of any sort. Instead, he has spent his entire life (one year and two months!) in a kennel environment – and on Monday (late February), the shelter decided his time was up!

No Kill Louisville heard about Bentley’s plight through a trainer named Susan, who asked us to step up and help this poor guy. He is unsocialized and rambunctious, but friendly and affectionate… 

picture a 60 pound puppy!

NKL knows this handsome boy deserves a better life – and so a NKL representative traveled to Ohio on Saturday to pick him up and bring him to Louisville, where he was enrolled in an amazing board & train program. BUT, we need your help to pay for his training so that he can learn proper doggy behavior and find his forever family. We have started a chip-in to cover his expenses 

– please help us turn his life around!

Any funds given to this ChipIn will be earmarked for Bentley's training and care. Give if you can and share with others so they can do the same (scroll down to donate online or for the address to mail in a donation). We are a 501(c)3 public charity which means all donations are 100% tax deductible so keep your receipt. 

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