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Update 11-16-15

It's official! Phoenix has been adopted!

We couldn't be more excited for this very special girl!

She came from a dire situation when she was hit by a car last year, leaving her hind end paralyzed. Her owners saught no medical care for her.

We worked for a year with physical therapy everyday. Today she walks, runs, plays, and loves so deeply.

Her story has turned into a happy one. She is now a service dog that helps not only her owner but all those who meet her everyday!

We love you, Phoenix. Enjoy your new wonderful life. You more than deserve it!

Update 4-16-15

Here's Phoenix at the Might Kindness Festival. Girl is looking good!

Update 2/4/15

We wanted to give an update on little Phoenix and how well she's walking now!! She's even going up and down stairs on her own!!

Miss Phoenix will be spayed and put up for adoption this month! She will need to go to a very special home, who will continue her therapies and be able to accommodate her special needs. 

Update 12/5/14

We are truly amazed at how far this sweet girl has come in just 5 months.

In August Phoenix was found with 9 other dogs and 3 people living in a semi tractor trailer. She had been hit by a car two weeks prior and did not receive medical treatment. She was immediately taken to blue pearl and was diagnosed with severe spinal cord damage which left her paralyzed from the waist down. With constant love, support, and physical therapy (in and out of her wheelchair), this wonderful dog is regaining her mobility!

Update 11/27/14

Happy Thanksgiving, NKL'ers!

We are so thankful for great supporters that help us make an impact on the lives of homeless animals in our city!

We are thankful for the animals that bless our lives, like little Phoenix here and so many others.

Little Phoenix came to us in Aug of this year. She had been hit by a car, her owners did not seek medical treatment, and she was paralyzed from the waist down. With lots of love, patience, therapy, and support from ALL of you, this little lady just might make a full recovery!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Update 11/23/14

We couldn't be more pleased to announce that over the last week or so, little Miss Phoenix is gaining more and more control of her back legs!! We are so excited to watch her progression! 

Update 11/17/14

Phoenix' first snow day and in her new wheels!

Update 11-16-15

Phoenix update!

Phoenix is doing incredibly well. She's slowly regaining feeling and movement in her back legs. She can now stand up on her own, but still has little control of where they go. Her cart should arrive tomorrow and we will post a video of her and her new wheels.

Phoenix is a spunky little girl and loves to play with her foster sisters. When ready to be adopted, she's going to make a great addition to a family.

Update 9/24/2014

Phoenix Update!

Phoenix had her evaluation with a surgeon at Metropolitan yesterday. We received good news and bad news.

BAD news:

They don't believe Phoenix is a good candidate for surgery. That is, they don't feel that the chance percentage that surgery will allow her to heal or walk again is any greater than to do nothing and see if she heals on her own. They would feel more optimistic about surgery on her spinal cord if surgery were being preformed right after the initial trauma occurred. Because the "owners" did not seek proper medical attention when the trauma occurred, we are left with

this result.

Now for the GOOD news:

They preformed another neurological test on her and she IS showing improvement. During the exam she pulled both legs to her stomach and she can now feel between her toes. Now this doesn't mean that she will ever regain the ability to walk, however, they said that they would not be surprised if she was attempting to walk on her own in 6 months time.

What does all this mean now?

Well, they recommend putting Miss Phoenix in a cart or wheelchair and let her be the happy, playful puppy that she is. We will continue to monitor her for mobility improvement. If and when she does regain her ability to walk on her own, we can address the issue of the hip being out of socket IF it seems to bother her or cause any pain. Right now, they don't believe she is in any pain and are extremely hopeful that getting her in a cart will be beneficial in helping her regain some mobility on her own.

We are currently working with Eddie's Wheels for Pets on getting her a cart. In a few months, while we monitor her improvement, she will be spayed, micro-chipped, and will be available for adoption to the forever family who can give her all the special care and love that she needs and deserves.

THANK YOU to all who have prayed for her, donated, and watched her story. It's not over yet!! So stay tuned for the next update of Miss Phoenix and her new wheels!

Update 9/4/2014

Phoenix update!

Today we witnessed Phoenix stretch and move her leg that she's had no feeling in! It was very minimal but it's more than she's done since we've had her. **Knock on wood**

Update 9/1/2014

It's time to get Phoenix an MRI in order to pinpoint the spinal cord injury. Doctor says that if we can can surgically repair the injury, Phoenix has a greater than 85% chance of walking again.

Please consider making a tax-free donation by clicking the donate button above.

The Beginning.....

  On the evening of 8/20/14, we received a call about three older adults who were in the process of moving northern Indiana, and were doing so using a company semi-truck for which one of the adults was responsible (the male, there were also 2 females). They had ten dogs with them in the cab of the truck.

Wed night the company who owned the truck found out these people were living in the truck, fired the male driver, and sent someone to retrieve the truck. The people's belongings, the ten dogs, and all three adults were occupying a median in a Love's parking lot off on I-65 in Shephardsville, KY.

Word of the situation made its way online, and the story took off with all manner of sketchy information, such as the reason for the stop, the nature of the police's involvement, the number of dogs (eleven was the original number, due to confusion about one of them).

We were contacted to evaluate the situation as best we could, so we made our way there, along with a number of people from different rescues and organizations. Others were just concerned individuals.

One of the dogs, Phoenix, had hit been hit by a car 2 weeks prior. Accounts from the "owners" concerning how they handle that situation were blurry. This dog was taken to Blue Pearl, as she had no use of her hind legs. We've had her evaluated, and she has a dislocation in one hind leg, and an injury to the spine that is preventing use of the other hind leg. She requires intensive care as we begin her treatment to see if she'll ever be able to walk again.

Due to the speed with which the story spread through the rescue community as a whole, particularly on Facebook, there are many, many people following this story, emotions are hot towards the people who had these dogs, who, as it turns out, have warrants out for their arrest in Indiana, and have a history of not taking care of the large number of animals they have at any given time. It is speculated that they are dog-flippers, and that this accounts for the flow of dogs through their possession, as well as the state these dogs are discovered to be in when attention is brought on them.

As a result of all of this, a large number of people, both with, and far more not with, No Kill Louisville have been stepping up as a community and helping out with these circumstances. Donation campaigns have been setup to receive donations online, for the medical treatment of Phoenix and the vetting of the other dogs so we can get them adopted out.

If you'd like to make a donation for "The I-65 Dogs" medical care, please click the donate button below and watch our FB page for regular updates on Phoenix and the other dogs.