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Share YOUR Pet Tails

Animals adopted from a shelter or rescue group can bring so much love into a home. Please share your stories about your current or past pet(s), about your experiences as a foster or while transporting animals to safety, about the joys of volunteering, or other insights on why we can all benefit and take part in this wonderful effort to create a No Kill city.

No Kill Louisville is not only about the dogs, cats, rabbits, and more, whose lives we save but about the people whose lives are positively affected by the love of companion animals.

Quotesso while walking in the woods last january behind my apartment complex I saw a litter of feral kittens most of which were anti human. One was set apart from the rest and looked as though he might have passed on. Thinking i didn't want his feral brothers and sisters to catch what he had had. I put on my gloves and prepared to dispose of him as I walked away my body heat must've warmed him. and the tiniest mew cam out I rushed him to the vet who gave me a list of possible problems from dehydration as he was the runt to heart defects. I told her to treat him whatever the cost luckily her first insticts were right just needed some fluids. I had never owned a cat and thought of placing him with a rescue but due to the economy all were full so i agreed to foster him 1 year later i have officially made ollie a member of the family and he is a beautiful/ornery 11 pound healthy cat.... sometimes the most unexpected things in your life end up being the best surprises:)

aubrey D

unexpected cat owner

Even with 2 dogs and 2 cats already in our home, Adam and I decided to foster 3 young kittens. They were 4 weeks old...the first week, one kitten was a bit lethargic and scooting...then a second kitten started sneezing, had watery eyes, and was open mouth breathing. I was pretty frantic; however a stranger reached out to me and answered my pleas for help/advice. Ellen calmed me down, shared great advice, and even offered to come over and check them out. Ellen made herself accessible and I cannot thank her enough for her wisdom and generosity. Thanks, Ellen!!!!!!

debbie imperial heath

Thanks to my mentor, Ellen Cullinan!

where do u start when asked to share w others the love u feel for our furry kids? After losing 2 babies in one year my 3rd baby charlie was lost. Im sure u all know the hurt u feel when u lose one but know u need to get another baby so ur other baby is not depressed anymore. This is the battle that i have faced for the past 3 months. After Andy passed in Dec, Noel and Charlie missed him but had each other still, so when Noel passed and left poor lil Charlie(the youngest) he was inconsolable for the longest. Long story short, my daughter finds a lil yorkie-poo and brings her home. I knew she had to belong to someone so I told her that we would keep her til we found her "real" mommy. We found her 2 days later and sadly returned her. Her "real" mommy was a very nice lady and after hearing my story about my babies that i lost and how happy Charlie was when we had her baby, she decided to let me keep her. Now the newest member of my family (Isabella) has completed us once again.


Dog Mama

Where to start? Dogs are my life, heart and soul. I have my own shelter dogs (past and present), which of course I absolutely adore. They are the best, and there aren't enough words to describe how much they mean to me. You all know what I'm talking about. It made me sad to think that my dogs were just a lucky few. I wanted to do something to help other homeless pets, so I started to get my feet wet, donating and volunteering. Over almost 4 years, I have discovered just how much one person can accomplish! The best part is, I wasn't "just one person" for very long. Friends and family quickly joined me in my efforts and the ball has just kept rolling. There is something that everyone can do to help. Go No Kill Louisville!


Love my dogs!

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Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

adopted Betsy and Martha, two female rats, from a rescue located between Lexington and Frankfort, KY last July. The rat rescue in Louisville, KY had already shut down. I had just left my abusive husband two weeks prior and was suffering from depression. What's better to make me feel better than a couple cute ratties to brighten my day? And that they did and still are. They're my little Angels. Many people don't realize you can get just about any domesticated animal from a shelter. I found my girls on Petfinder. I can't imagine life without them. 

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC