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Rescue Waggin'

The next transport date is set for the morning of

Tuesday, January 17!


Go by Animal House located at 3516 Newburg Road, Louisville, KY, 40218


Contact Carrie O'Shea at [email protected] or (502) 608-3315

This is a PetSmart Charities program that helps move dogs in need of homes to Northern cities where there is a shortage. We are working with Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) to help support this program which means any where between 20 to 80 dogs are rescued each month! That's up to 960 animals a year! Click here for more information about the Rescue Waggin' program.

How YOU Can Help

Become Part of Our Elite 100

One of the challenges to Rescue Waggin' is getting the dogs out of the shelter as quickly as possible after they're approved for the program. They need to get out of the shelter so they a) aren't filling space that can be used by other pets in need and b) are healthy and socially adjusted when the transport arrives. The transporter can refuse to take a dog if it is unhealthy or showing signs of behavior problems so elite foster homes are vital.

The transports arrive anywhere from once-a-month to twice monthly, so fostering usually lasts only two to three weeks. The foster families must bring the dogs to the shelter the morning when the transport arrives. We will provide coffee and donuts! We'd like to have at least 100 of these elite Rescue Waggin' fosters approved by LMAS in the first year of this program so we can rotate fosterers.

How to Take Part

Attend one of the following orientation dates at Animal House, 3516 Newburg Rd in Louisville:

Other Ways to Help

Volunteer to Help with Assessments

No Kill Louisville paid the initial cost to have four volunteers trained in doing the behavioral assessments required by PetSmart. They completed this training in early April 2011. Once they've completed their first assessments and begin the program, they'll be able to train more volunteers to the do the same or assist those doing the assessments. Please let email us at [email protected] and let us know if you'd like to become one of these future volunteers.  

In Honor or Memory of Your Pet

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