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No Kill Louisville's Strategic Plan

LOUISVILLE, Ky (March 1, 2012) – No Kill Louisville’s Board of Directors with the help of volunteers from Louisville, Southern Indiana and surrounding counties have completed a plan for building and maintaining a No Kill community. 

The plan runs from March 1, 2012 through June 30, 2015. The full plan can be found here in a word document and here in a PDF document.

We'll post updates here as NKL's Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers complete assigned actions or further develop sections of the operational plan. For your convenience, we have also listed a summary below of what, we believe, are the major highlights of the plan.

The press release being sent out has a detailed account of our process in building the strategic plan, including why the Board of Directors felt taking five to six months to lay out a strategic plan was vital to creating and maintaining a No Kill community, and ultimately, saving thousands more lives in the future. 

Thank you for supporting our vision of a community where no adoptable pet or

feral/unowned cat is killed, regardless of resources, economics, and politics.

Jessica Reid

(Former)President, No Kill Louisville

P.S. To learn more about the proven steps for becoming No Kill, click here.

Below are some of the highlights of the Strategic Plan:

Calendar of projects

Pages 3 - 5 - Our Core Operating Values

Our core beliefs and values as No Kill Louisville, some important ones:

  • Compassion – NKL will interact with all adoptable pets, feral/unowned cats, and pet owners/caretakers with compassion, dignity, and respect.
  • Watchdog – NKL will measure our progress in becoming a No Kill community within our publicly funded animal shelter system by monitoring intake and outtake numbers; highlighting obstacles and achievements; and bringing public awareness to what is happening within our community’s shelter system.
  • Partnerships – NKL seeks to establish strong partnerships throughout the community and considers these partnerships vital to creating and maintaining a No Kill community.

Pages 5 & 6 - Underlying Service Assumptions

Our assumptions regarding animal welfare & pets in our community

  • If the community’s tax dollars are spent on the “catch and kill” model, it is a mismanagement of public funds.
  • The community expects NKL to monitor publicly funded animal services and share that knowledge with the public at large.
  • This includes both fiscal responsibility and treatment of the pets and feral/unowned cats by animal services.
  • Pets and feral/unowned cats add value to the lives of people by providing companionship, purpose, and health benefits

Pages 14 - 25 - Operational Plan 

Our flexible, working plan for implementing our vision

First several months

  • strengthening our volunteer programs, including communication
  • focused on our pet retention/redemption programs (like the pet food bank, helpline, &
  • diversifying the board of directors and providing for financial sustainability
  • vaccination program for parvo and feline leukemia
  • diversify NKL representation across all Louisville communities
  • PR and awareness plans; including watchdog aspects of NKL's role in the community

First two years

  • research and develop timeline for low income families vet clinic - mid-2012
  • research and develop timeline for targeted spay/neuter clinics (mobile vs static) - mid-2012
  • transition from all-volunteer to staffed and volunteer organization by July 2013
  • this recognizes that we need dedicated staff to run NKL
  • currently run by volunteers – most have full time jobs; this has led to some gaps in response time and communication
  • research and develop timeline for No Kill shelter inc. capital campaign– Feb 2014
  • research and develop plans for No Kill Kentucky
  • license plate program March 2012
  • long term No Kill Kentucky organization April 2013


Vision Statement:

We envision our community as a place where no adoptable pet or feral/unowned cat is killed,

regardless of resources, economics, and politics.

Mission Statement:

Through the support and creation of programs and services, collaboration,

and advocacy, No Kill Louisville will build a community where

no adoptable pet or feral/unowned cat is killed.

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