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Note: The Patch/Tiger Lilly matter will be addressed in a forthcoming response specifically pertaining to that issue.

When Karen Dickson resigned as Director of our foster/adoption program in September of 2013, we were, as an organization, unable to sustain this program. Karen Dickson's work in animal rescue is, in fact, irreplaceable. We still had many animals in foster care at that time who we were responsible for, and we continued to work promoting them, processing adoption applications, and placing them in good homes. Given the state of the organization (No Kill Louisville) at the time, it was decided that rather than operate our own foster/adoption program, we should work towards supporting other rescue organizations who were meeting this need, rather than try to sustain a program at a time when we were simply unable to do so.

However, in December, 2013, Rebecca worked with Amanda Crook (Amanda Baldwin) with Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) and Krista All with Ashland Animal Rescue Fund (AARF) to organize a cat transport program, where cats at Animal House could be moved to Ashland, KY, and adopted, making room in animal house for cats coming out of quarantine to be housed and put up for adoption.

On 2-21-2014, we received an email from Amanda Crook (Amanda Baldwin) indicating that LMAS was “low on cats.”

This program continues in an effort to prevent cat overpopulation, and hence to prevent the killing of cats, at LMAS.

"Regular hours" for our facility are Saturdays, from noon til 3 PM. Use of the facility for other purposes such as board meetings, potential-adoption meetings, etc. occur on an irregular basis. There are no paid employees in our organization, and most non-pet-food-bank-related activities occur after 5:00 PM.

Given that No Kill Louisville’s facility is not regularly staffed, and wish list donations arrive randomly, wish list donations are delivered to Rebecca’s home where they can be received. These are then transported to the Pet Food Bank upon her following visit, or are picked up by a volunteer and transported to the Pet Food Bank. Rebecca Ficklin is not "personally gaining from the generosity of others," and appearances are subjective. This is an attempt to suggest that she is using donations and No Kill Louisville resources for personal gain, a serious charge.for the president of a non-profit organization. Content in subsequent articles shows further attempts to support this idea.

While it is true that No Kill Louisville does not operate a shelter, we do have an office in the upper floor of our pet food bank. This is where the reception area and order processing occurs. Pet food recipients must meet income and/or hardship requirements in order to be eligible to receive food. We typically process between 15 and 60 orders per Saturday, sometimes more. The coffee, cream and sugar that is listed in our wish list is primarily intended for their use, and to a lesser extent by our volunteers.

The following are photos of the office we do have, at 630 Bruce Avenue, including the pet food recipient waiting area/meeting/potential-adoption-meeting area and the coffee provisions made available to our recipients and volunteers. The photographs on the walls are of animals who have been rescued and adopted out by No Kill Louisville:

Our warehouse, occupying the bottom floor of our facility, is not empty. The following are photographs taken this evening of the food we have ready for pet food recipients tomorrow morning (Saturday, March 16th):

Our inventory does fluctuate, and cat food does tend to be an issue for us. We regularly run out of cat food, and on a few occasions have been without cat food. This is true. Our partnership with Alley Cat Advocates, in which we provide food for individuals who are feeding feral cats who have been spayed/neutered through the Snip Clinic (operated by the Kentucky Humane Society) has presented us with a very high level of demand for cat food.

We will continue to address the allegations made against us. Some of these allegations require us to put together supporting material, which has taken time, but which will follow shortly. Thank you so much for your attention. There is more to follow.