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Maximize Your Donation!

No Kill Louisville's Pet Food Bank became the second location in the country to be a Mars drop site. This means NKL's volunteers distribute food not only within our food bank but to area rescues and shelters at incredible savings. Scroll down to donate.

  • $60 buys an entire pallet (800 to 1,000 pounds) of pet food
  • $30 buys half a pallet (400 to 500 pounds) of pet food
  • $15 buys a 4th of a pallet (200 to 250 pounds) of pet food


Brad Wunderlich - Jessica Durbin - Kathy Schaeffer - Dawn Albert

 -Carla Nascimento - Patrick Peak - Jodie Kranz

For all the furry and feathered storm victims 

~ Mary Jo Arendt

Sara Seyal -Stanley Fairman - James Harper - Cathleen McKenzie

Melissa Frisiras - BJ Carpenter - Mark Turner - Vicki Lamb - Katherine Goebel

Martha Davis - Daryn Leigh - Michael Walling - Lori O'Brien

Pete Schuler - Debra Moore - David James - Melanie Spann 

- Jennie Heflin

Meredith York - Maury Lee Goss - Donna Metz-Dunn - Maura Rudy

Rose Blanton - Carla Lake - Yuliya Manasyan - Paula Thomson

Mary Welch - Beth Richardson - Judith Anderson - Kristin Lomond

Thank you for helping during this time of special need 

~ Sue and John Vahaly

Maxwell - a gift in his memory to the pet survivors of the tornadoes last week 

~ Theresa Hulsey

Donate on-line at the below link or mail a donation to:

"Pet Food Bank, PO Box 6655, Louisville, KY, 40217"

If you'd prefer to drop off pet food or have other supplies that we can share with pet lovers who are facing difficult times, please head to one of our drop off locations.

Remember, every pet we keep with his or her owner not only brings us closer to a No Kill Louisville but it means keeping families (4- and 2- legged) together when they face challenges. Imagine having a difficult year and then having to give up your pet? It would be terrible for most of us.

Thank you for all your help in making a No Kill community a reality!

~Jessica Reid

President, No Kill Louisville 

We are a distribution partner center for the Rescue Bank.

Click on the below image to learn more.

The Animal Rescue Site is a partner of the Rescue Bank program. Another way to support the program is to click the button every day on the Animal Rescue Site to generate more donations at no cost to you! Please click here to go to the Animal Rescue Site.

In Honor or Memory of Your Pet

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