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"I always thought somebody should do something to help companion animals, and then I realized I am somebody!"

Welcome to each and every "somebody" out there! Collectively we make an army of compassion. Ready to join the movement? You have come to the right place! Explore our website to learn about the success of the No Kill model, how you can help bring that success to Louisville, and so much more. The momentum necessary to climb this proverbial mountain is fueled by many hands and encouraged by many voices. Thank you for visiting our site; take time to discover all it has to offer.

Drop us a line at any time if we can be of assistance.

We envision our community as a place where no adoptable pet or feral cat is killed, regardless of resources, economics, or politics. Through the support and creation of programs and services, collaboration, and advocacy, No Kill Louisville will build a community where no adoptable pet or feral cat is killed. 

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No Kill 101

Is this something you invented?

Is it just a Louisville thing?

Happily, the No Kill movement is sweeping the nation! The first No Kill community celebrated its lifesaving success over a decade ago. Currently, there are over 90 confirmed No Kill communities in the United States with hundreds more on the brink, and shelters in over 9 nations are taking part as well. Upon our founding in 2010, No Kill Louisville joined the movement in order to one day add Louisville to the ranks of the No Kill communities.

NO killing at all? Are you sure?

Yep! What other goal would be worth reaching for? Here we must make a distinction between killing and humane euthanasia. The death of a healthy, treatable animal by human action is undeniably different from attending to a critically ill or injured animal and making a decision, with the guidance of a veterinarian, to release it humanely from its suffering. These "critically ill or injured" animals are actually quite rare in shelters, making up less than 10% of a population. Therefore, designated No Kill communities save over 90% of animals. Some even save over 98%! Dangerous animals given individual, professional evaluations usually fall into that 10% as well, although there is a current focus to move toward sanctuary care for these animals. After all, why stop at 98%?

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