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The magic number is 900!

UPDATE - OCTOBER 14, 2012: It looked like we'd run out of time in our bid to have a No Kill Kentucky license plate put into production. It appeared we would not have the 900 applications and fees needed by our October deadline.

But, due to the state's own efforts to create an all online program for license plates - we have been given another 12 to 18 months to complete our work. Unfortunately, we're not even a third of the way to our goal. We realize you won't receive your plate until the program is established which is why some have waited. But, imagine someday telling your friends and family YOU were among those that made a No Kill Kentucky possible.

We came so close to failing at this effort but a lucky break is giving us a chance. Please help us make it a success. Sign up for a plate today, tell others about our effort, and help us work toward a No Kill Kentucky!



You can NOW pay online for your registration at the above button. If you'd like to email your form, download one of the above forms, fill it out and email it to [email protected] with the subject line "I Believe in a No Kill Kentucky!" Please note that you paid on-line so I can note that on your form. ~Jess

We want to go beyond our region and help create a No Kill Kentucky. To do so, we must provide support for those shelters looking to implement one, several, or all the steps in a No Kill model. This means supporting efforts to create a foster program, fund transports, providing public relations help, spay/neuter, and more.

The cornerstone of our efforts to do this is the No Kill Kentucky license plate. Ten dollars on every plate purchased will go to a grant program for shelter and rescues in Kentucky. But we must get 900 applications by December 2013. We must collect and hold the funds in a separate account. If we get all 900, we send them to the state and the plate goes into production. If we do not, we must return all funds to the individuals.

Please help us reach this goal and spread our No Kill message further into Kentucky! Imagine all the good we can do together and across our state.


I hope you'll join us in this next venture into positive change for all our communities' orphaned pets!

How to Get The Plate

COST: $35

Although all applications state a $25 fee and have a place to add to that amount, No Kill Kentucky license plates are a *total* of $35. However, you must elect to add this additional $10 in the early stages of this process. Please see the application. Programs to support a No Kill Kentucky will ONLY receive the $10 above and beyond the $25 cost. The $25 goes to the State of Kentucky. $10 is the maximum allowed by the state.

Send the completed application and $35 payment to No Kill Louisville, NKL License Plate, PO Box 6655, Louisville, KY, 40206. All checks should be made payable to No Kill Louisville. To download the application, please click here.

The "point of contact" person on your application should be Crystal, NKL Treasurer. For any other questions regarding filling out your application, please email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

WHERE DO THE FUNDS GO: All funds raised will go to shelters and rescues in support of No Kill programs such as comprehensive spay/neuter; Trap-Neuter-Release programs for feral cats; establishing comprehensive foster or adoption programs; transports; and much, much more.

Agencies (shelters, rescues, pet groups) wishing to apply for these funds, please see below the license plate pictures for more details.

WHAT YOUR PLATE WILL LOOK LIKE: We?ve been approved to set up a specialized license plate. However, the look will be one of these two depending on final approval from the state.

To Shelters and Rescues wishing to apply for these funds:

No Kill Louisville's Board of Directors will establish the rules and process for applying for these funds as we work to collect the 900 application. The rules will center around groups working toward No Kill and implementing steps in the No Kill equation. Agencies wishing to use these funds should check back here regularly over the coming months. We'll post updates as soon as we have the rules in place.

We want these funds to go to the animal in need as quickly and as efficiently as possible so no adoptable pet is at risk due to our inability to be flexible and respond quickly. For that reason, we promise to make this process as easy and quick as possible.