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One Person. One Act of Kindness. One Step Closer!

Here is something that we hear often: people believe they cannot do anything to help animals because they are not currently able to adopt. We understand that not everyone is able to add another permanent pet to their family, but adoption is not the only way to make a difference for animals. In fact, there are little things you can do every single day to make our community a better place for animals and to help us achieve our goal of becoming a No Kill community. You are one person among many, and all of our collective actions will be what ultimately saves lives in our community. Just try it and see!

What can one person do? A Lot!

Check out this great list of life-changing (and life-saving) ideas, compiled with the help of No Kill Louisville members just like you! What is the "Just One Thing" that YOU will do today to make a difference for animals?

~Tell at least 10 people about the No Kill movement. Spreading the word is crucial!

~ Do some spring cleaning and donate unused pet items, towels and blankets to a shelter or rescue

~E-mail Furry Features Flyers to your friends & family every week, or print them and hang at least 10 in your favorite local businesses!

~Volunteer to drive part of a rescue transport

~Become a shelter volunteer and spend an afternoon socializing cats or kittens

~Become a shelter volunteer and spend an afternoon walking dogs or hugging puppies

~Volunteer for a rescue group to help answer e-mails, phone calls, or do other crucial office work

~Spay or neuter your own pets, or sponsor the surgery of a needy pet

~Foster a dog or cat! Time commitments vary, but this is a phenomenal help!

~Already fostering? Be a mentor for a new foster parent

~Unable to foster? Donate supplies or sponsor medical funds to support foster parents

~Adoption is a great option! Be sure to tell people that!

~When people admiringly ask what kind of dog you have, tell them a shelter or rescue dog! Or tell them that there are others just like yours waiting to be adopted.

~ Step up for the unowned cats in your neighborhood and become a caretaker. Help control their population by enlisting the help of a trap-neuter-return program like Alley Cat Advocates

~Donate pet food or pet supply coupons to shelters, rescues, or pet food banks. Or, use the coupon yourself and then donate the food or supplies straight to the organization!

~Be a moving advertisement for shelter animals! Get stickers or magnets for your car, or wear t-shirts that support animal adoption & rescue

~Arm yourself with information. Know about the different local animal organizations and all that they offer.

 When you talk to someone who needs help with a pet, you'll be able to send them in the right direction.

~Talk to local pet stores about donating slightly damaged merchandise to a shelter or rescue group.

~Talk to hotel managers about getting old blankets donated to a shelter or rescue group to keep all the animals comfortable.

~Look up a shelter or rescue group's wish list and donate what you can

~When you or someone you know is considering giving up their pet, come up with solutions that would keep the pet in the home. Pet food banks, training classes, and pet-friendly housing are just a few examples of ways to keep a family together.

~Help lost pets return home. Even something as simple as browsing various lost & found listings to look for matches can make a difference!

~Reach out to the seniors in your life (or to a senior center, etc.) and help them find an older canine or feline companion to keep their lap warm, their hands busy, and their hearts happy!

~Suggest a rescue/shelter related project to your child's scout troop, school, service group, or youth group

~Students can create school groups focused on aiding shelter/rescue animals. The Ballard Animal Relief Club is a great example!

 ~Shop at Feeder's Supply and become a "Feeder's Repeater". Once your card is completely stamped, mail it to us as a pet food bank donation. A completely stamped card means we can get a bag of food for free!

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