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The below donations were given in honor or memory of a beloved pet, friend, family member or other loved one.

Whether you lost a loved one - a pet or person - or are simply honoring those people you love, please know that all of us at NKL share in your joy and in your pain. See the sidebar and donation button to

the right, or click here, to make these type of donations.

Thank you for taking part in our effort to create a No Kill Louisville.

Eli Haynes

Interim President, No Kill Louisville

In loving honor/memory...

"Chase Forney, a lover of pets and most animals (spiders were not a favorite)."

- Elizabeth Forney

of CJ Marti

Nurses and Staff at Norton Audubon Hospital

of Sadie Girl

Thomas Schnurr

of Ninjo, Mr. Biskers, and Mufasa

Patrick Peak

of Richard (Dickie) Harland, Jr

Damon Wack

of Darla and Spanky

Gerilyn Cardwell  

of Honey, Bear, Kitty and Lucky

Alex Beasley

of Richard harland Bennett

Patricia B. Wack

of James David Whittenburg

Thomas G. Tri

For Peggy

Donna Young Dawn McClure

In loving memory of Raymond Curtis Ham:

Philip MacLeod - Steve Downey - David Landenwich

David & Carol MacLeod & Family - Mary Ann Fravesi

Lucy & Pete Dulude

In loving memory of Steve Langford:

Clary Michelle Castille - Troy Braun

from Chief, Stick, and Lafayette gang

Kayla Starrett - Anna L. Starrett - Grant and Patricia Hart

Paula J. Ohlmann - Mardelle H

In memory of Steve Langford, a good friend to many

and a good friend to animals.

Your friend, Chris Bush

In loving memory of J. David Whittenburg:

June and Edward Miller - Claryce Jane and Daniel Patrick Gibbs

Mrs. Betty Jane Bronner - Patricia and Winston Church

Mary and Bill Stone - Inez Segell - Diane and Jim Stuckert

Edna Yarmuth - Thomas Tri - Mary Stauble and Bruce Tasch 

Elizabeth Davis - Mike Jones - Laurie and Jenny Howell

Karen Borowick - Dawn Albert - Gordon Lamb - Vicki Lamb

Vicki Russow - David and Lori Osborne

In memory of Calvin Callahan...

a good dog!

~Beth Richardson

Maxwell - a gift in his memory to the pet survivors of the tornadoes last week.

~ Theresa Hulsey

This donation is in memory of Marley May, our dear Dalmatian who died on 21 February 2012 at nearly 15 years old. Long may she and all 

pets run.

~Maura Rudy

In honor of my Boston Terrier, Penny, who Is nearing the end of her road but was the beginning of my road to understanding what true animal companionship is.

~Kati Bension

In memory of my best friend, Peanut the wonder dog. I miss him more everyday.

~Dorothy McCord

Luther - my beloved Boxer

~ Kelly Galanos

Abby and Dafodil

~Carrie Harbin

Jett, Cricket, and Abby

~Beverly K Camic

Lucky Gurl

~Shannon White

Lilly and Midnight

~Jennifer Sinski

For Emma

~ David Malin 

For Shelly Phillips

~Rhonda Windhorst

For Sophie

~Margaret Gripshover

Max and Tyler

~Sascha Kling

For Denali

~Colin O'Brien

My friends Jim and Randy

~ Sheppard Sanford

Shawn, my precious Yorkie

~ Rose Pate

In memory of our beloved dog, Morgan

~ Karen Stucker    

In memory of Emily. A fur baby that lived and thrived despite the conditions of her illness (cushings disease)

~Brittany Payne

For my guinea pigs, Thelma and Louise. Glad you girls can be together again. And a special thank you to Dr. Jewell and everyone at All Pets Veterinary Center for their recent help.

~Colin O'Brien

To honor the memory of Tricia Michele Logue.

~Michele Conrad

For Mau

~Nancy Lucas

In memory of our dear Mufasa who succumbed to cancer the day after Christmas and Biskers who passed several years ago. Both were strays who lived the life of luxury.

~Patrick Peak

Fluffy, Sadie, Bubba & Sam

~Carrie O'Shea

On behalf of my beautiful rescues Dexter and Jackson!

~Melissa Miller

In memory of Zeppo, Ally and Rocket, our beloved rescued pets that have passed.

We Believe!

~Don and Shelli Ernst

In honor of: Dusty, Selu, Notsi, Atsutsa, Tali, Wesa, Pookie, Atsina, Lisi, and Uyosi. In memory of: Rebel, Patches, Maggie, Ranger, Nwvati, Tsola, and Nodatsi.

~Donna Metz-Dunn

Seeshe and Mooney

~Rita Priddy

In loving memory of MAX and JAKEY

~Lori Reissig

In memory of Max, my little buddy for nearly 14 years, who became a cherished memory on April 1, 2011; and in honor of his sister Sandy, whose furry face and waggy tail continue to bring 

me joy.

~Jennifer Effinger Koch

Hanna and Button

~Heather Hedgepeth

In honor of Jennifer Goodman & Dan Cassidy

~Melinda Fulner

For Mandy

~Judith Anderson

For T.C.

~Andrew Wingfield

Peanut -my best buddy miss you more each day

~Dorothy McCord

Jenny Riedling

~Marlow P. Riedling

Rebel, Patches, Maggie, Ranger, Nvwati, 

Nodatsi, Tsola

~Donna Metz-Dunn

For Emma - Our beautiful tortoise shell cat, friend, companion and daddy's girl for 17 years. You will live in our hearts always!

~Lance Edwards

David and Stephanie Blair

~Michael and Jaime McMahan

In Honor or Memory of Your Pet

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