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The following programs are "coming soon". Although they are not complete yet, you (the community!) can help them take shape by either sponsoring a project or volunteering your time.

Lost & Found Website will be a separate website from our NKL website, but it is a project that we are spearheading and primarily funding. We are giving YOU an opportunity to help us fund it, too! We are working with the web developers behind and to bring you a easy-to-

use, central location to post lost & found pet listings, with helpful features such as a "print flyer" function. This site will serve Louisville and surrounding counties, including Harrison, Floyd, and Clark counties in southern Indiana! It will be a completely free service. Our goal is to see more pets reunited with their families before the animal has to take a trip to the shelter, and to also increase awareness that you do need to check local shelters when you lose a pet! There will be additional resources available on this site to help you do all that you can to find your lost pet or find the owner of a pet you have found. Visit for a sneak peak of what's in store!

There are a few ways that you can help. First, you can sponsor this website. Any and all donations are welcome. Our current estimate for the development of this site is just shy of $1000, which is actually a fantastic deal, but still requires some fundraising on our part. Donations of $100 or more will get you a spot on the "Sponsored by" section of the site, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

To donate to this project, use the button below. Or, send a check made out to "No Kill Louisville" to No Kill Louisville, Funding Lost Pets Kentuckiana, PO Box 6655, Louisville, KY 40206

Second, if you have experience designing websites and working with coding and want to volunteer your skills to make this site the best it can be, send an e-mail to [email protected] !

Third, we are also looking for "on the ground" volunteers who may like to assist at Metro Animal Services (MAS) as part of a "Lost & Found Team". This is still simply an idea at this point, but nonetheless we would like to hear from you if this kind of volunteer opportunity interests you. With the right people in place, we might be able to get it off the ground faster than we thought! Essentially the idea is to proactively seek to reunite lost animals currently at MAS with their families. This could mean making phone calls to people who have posted ads in the Courier-Journal and encouraging them to come check the shelter for their pet, or even making "Found" posters for animals that have come in and posting them near major intersections where the pet was found (and, of course, taking them down again when the pet is reunited). Or, faxing "found pet" posters to local veterinary offices near where the pet was found, in case the pet is recognized as a client's. Again, at this stage it is only an idea, but in the interest of moving forward on initiatives that can move more animals out of the shelter, we would like to get a Lost & Found Team formed. E-mail [email protected] if interested in this opportunity.

Pet Friendly Apartment Listing

At the same time that we stumbled upon the awesome site, we found another gem from the Triangle Area of North Carolina: this pet-friendly apartment listing (click!). What a fantastic resource! It is so easy to read, and they have even marked the most accepting apartments highlighted in yellow. We feel like this would be a great resource to make available not only to our community, but to the admissions staff at shelters who frequently talk to people who say they are moving and unable to take their pets. If this list can help keep some animals from entering the shelter/rescue system and stay with their families, it will definitely be worth the effort!

But WOW, is it an effort! We already assembled a list of over 400 apartments in the Greater Louisville area. Now, calling them all and getting some information about their pet policy is proving to be a huge task. We could really use some volunteers to help call these apartments. You can make the calls in your own time, but because you have to call before the apartment offices close, you'll usually want to make these calls before 5 pm. Internet access while you call is a plus, but is not absolutely necessary. If interested in helping with this project, please e-mail [email protected]

Transport Coordinators

There are currently no rescue transport coordinators that consistently coordinate transports for animals leaving Louisville area shelters. For example, animals leaving Lexington and heading to the Illinois area and beyond have a transport coordinator dedicated to those routes. Shelby County has a couple transport coordinators dedicated to coordinating transport for their animals, and so on. But in Louisville, one of three things usually happens. 1) A paid transport is used to move an animal or animals to their rescue, 2) one or two super-awesome volunteers will step up and drive a van load of dogs all the way to their destination (which could be as far as Minnesota or Upstate New York), or 3) there is a volunteer transport already heading in the same direction an animal needs to go, and the animal is lucky enough to be squeezed in as an extra passenger when the transport stops in Louisville. Or, 4) the receiving rescue has their own transport coordinators that plan everything and get the animals to them with little work involved for anyone in Louisville.

Clearly, these are not all the most time or cost-effective ways to move shelter animals, not when numbers of dogs (and yes, even cats!) find rescue weekly.

Coordinating a transport is a HUGE job, one that is most often filled by dedicated volunteers. It requires a lot of planning, phone calls and e-mails. It can definitely be stressful, especially when it's getting down to the wire and you still need to find drivers for certain parts of the trip. Coordinators need to be accessible by phone all day during the actual transport, because drivers call in and report the progress of the animal's journey. If you have experience driving transports and already have an idea of what may be expected of a transport coordinator, and the idea of being a transport coordinator doesn't make you run away as fast as you can, we want to talk to you!

We will work to get you set up to mentor a transport coordinator so that you are not jumping into this blindly and that you know some "tricks of the trade", can learn from other people's experiences, and can learn some "best practices".

Ideally, we would like to find 3-4 people who are interested in doing this, so that there can be a rotating schedule so that everyone can get a break. You would be coordinating transports for animals at MAS primarily, because that is the greatest need in our community, but if you end up loving this and can't get enough, we certainly won't stop you from coordinating for other rescues, too. You would also keep a comprehensive list of all the other transport coordinators that plan certain routes, all the available paid transports, etc. so that if there is an easier alternative, you can go with it. For example, if Magnificent Mutts in IL accepts an animal from Louisville, there is already a transport coordinator based in Lexington who is very familiar with moving dogs to this rescue - you might contact her instead of planning the route yourself.

This volunteer opportunity is still in the "planning stages", but we'd like to go ahead and get a feel for what kind of interest there is for this. Please be patient with us as we hash out all the details! Go ahead and e-mail [email protected] so that we know you are interested.

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