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Funding Hope: An Annual Drive to Help Orphaned Pets

 The list of those who have already donated is below!

Thank you for helping us work toward a No Kill Louisville!

In September 2010, No Kill Louisville was asked to step in and help a border collie who was thrown from a moving vehicle along I-65. Over the following days, this small collie would need several intricate and expensive surgeries. The public responded by giving everything from one dollar to 500 dollars toward Hope's care.

The outpouring of help was so incredible that the donations far exceeded the cost to treat Hope. As a result, No Kill Louisville established The Hope Fund with the mission of helping other abandoned, neglected, or abused pets who suffered injuries or illness. In addition, all pets cared for with The Hope Fund would be killed without our help.

Since September, we have helped more than 70 injured or grievously ill, orphaned pets. Their treatments ranged from as little as $150 to as much as $4,200. But, now our funds are quickly being depleted. With more than 14,000 fans, we've decided to approach this fund in a new way - by asking something small from each of you.

We're asking every one of you to give either $5 or $10 between now (March 14) and April 1st. If everyone gives, we will be able to continue helping orphaned pets in need and do this appeal just once a year.

GOAL = 14,000 Contributors

$9,974.82 given by 398 Contributors

as of April 4, 2011

Several of our donors to date have or are actually fostering Hope Fund animal, including Lorraine Travis

who is now helping one of the cats in need. She writes, "This is for Orangie now Gibbs. Thank you for saving this very sweet boy. Post his picture so everyone can see how beautiful he is."

To mail in donations send them to:

No Kill Louisville, Funding Hope, PO Box 6655, Louisville, KY 40206

If everyone gives $5, we'd raise $70,000

If everyone give $10, we'd raise $140,000

Our supporters loved this idea when we brought it up last week, and, already, some have donated. I'll add the names of those who have given each day. It would be wonderful to see 14,000+ names on here when we're done!

Thank you for making it possible for us to continue helping pets in need.

Jessica Reid

President, No Kill Louisville

 Thank you to everyone who has given so far to this special effort to fill

The Hope Fund and help more orphaned pets in dire need of medical attention!


Sarah Frankel

Susan Saunders

Katherine Bourcy - Buddy the Staffie and his sister, Patrice (aka Princess Cujo)

Terri Prater

Beth Roberts

Geisha and Zoë Cook

Ronna Napper

Emily SartinI

Stacie Bale Earth Friends LLC

Jill Paulli

Terri Kaufman

Robert Spence

Sharon Conlin

Lori Reissig

Lauren Meschler

Kathy Spray

Kevin Parrish

Heather Kalan

Mary Hardesty

Theresa Devore

Linda Davis

Jeaneen Aldridge

Anna Newton

Beth Richardson

Lonnie Hess

Andrew Wingfield


Clyde Harrelson

Megan U'Sellis

K & K Hicks

Tonya Cayton

Julie Meidlinger

Joy-Camille Shouse

Kandace Kanzler

Joanna Lofink

Mary Moody

Holly Rudolph

Corin Hayes

Deborah Alston

Wayne Cochran

Rick Thomas

Beth Thomas

Amy Allgeier

Kim Bradley

Elisha Haynes

Indigo Friedlander


James Duce

Amy Carrico

Amber Lorance

Susan Teale

Mary Welch

Suzanne Severs

Mary Hieronymus

Tonya Cayton

Shirley Oliver

William Sullivan

Deborah King

Bonita Lyons

Jessica Durbin

Barbara Martin Lilyheart

Nancy Brown

Melody Bennett

Amy Shadburne

Bonnie Adams

Coco's Canine Cookies

Julie Patchett

Rhonda Dennis

Bradley Priddy

Kim Moore

Robin Moody

Vicki Cochran

Carolyn Sherman

Shannon Jefferies

Colleen Thomas

Cameron Tichenor


Suzanne Carter

Bobbie Rachford

Christy Duff

Kyle Elzy

Lynzee Maskevich

Patricia Guobis

James Heleringer

Lauren Isenberg

Sharon Mills

Shannon Riley

Angela Wiley

Laura McClendon

Julie Meidlinger

Kyle Elzy

Kelly Jackson

Donna M Swan

Jon Buckley

Brittany Payne

Beverly Lee

Sandra Murphy

Jon Buckley

Jessica Reid

Julie Jones

Heather Powell

Kimberly Richards

Deborah Goodman

Amanda LeDuke

Vicki Bangs

Nancy Fox James

Janelle M Ciolek

Lisa Davis

Richard Julian

Natalie Bantz

Kathy Schaeffer

Denise Myers

Paula Taylor

Don Watkins

Madeline Dixon

Chase's Dream-Market

Jaime West


Molly Dunlan Stevens

Sue Marshall

Carrie Martin

Valerie Watts

Edward Gupton

misc. donors at dog show

Diana Whisman

Lorraine Travis

Michelle Means

Linda Ritter

Kathy Huffman

Jessica Gutbrod

Mary Benson

Sheryl R Squires

Lori Tummonds

beverley pitts

Tyler McKinley

Jo Lea Brown

Kim Parker

Nicole Gaines

Jody Keating

Carol Forrester

Lynne Fears

Karen Shigley

Julie Oechsli

Kenneth Parker

Carol Schroerlucke

Marylee Kuchta

Cindy Waits

Bethany L Vincent

Gordon Nichols

Karen Tipton

Joy Duddey

Edith L Browning

April West

Janet nNutting

Karen Wilsom

Amy Matthis

Christie Troxel

Robin Brown

Christie Neagle Hartlage

Mary Benson

Josephine Jacovino

Steven Early

Joy Pascarella

June Stolt

Lori Hans

Leslye Adams

Megan Brown

Rebecca Morton

David Watson

Dorothy McCord

Daniel Schroerlucke

Dr. Lisa Keehner

Erin McCorkle

Vikki Crook

Leslie Smith

Mona Mallory

Frances Feger

Jessica True

Macey Wohner

Donna Metz-Dunn

Stephanie Boswell

Kathy Raymer

Rebecca Bennett

Debbie Cissell


Kassandra Forman

Victoria Huffstutler

Amanda Danielson

Tara Eudy

Stephanie Young

Amy Baglan

Mary Bott

Jessica Elble

Patricia Ritter

Debra Hyde

Amy Smith

Lisa Lewis

Barbara Dahl

Linda Hornbeck

Carrie Balthrop

Phillip Wood

Traci Proffitt

Rachel Estes

Janice Dibert

Nicolle Martin

Michelle Snellen

Brette Chodyniecki

Katie Dunn

Louis Burgess

Holly Gustafson

Kelli Potts

Cheryl and Ryan Atkinson

Jennifer Smedes

Heather Hedgepeth

Ranelle Block

Thomas Schnurr

Melissa Bennett

Leigh Bryant

Angie Greulich

David Loignon

Cathy Bates

Lara Day

Tara Owens

Sherry Arconti

Joshua Forker

Angela Jones

Patricia Canon

Heather Bednar

Elizabeth Schneider

Amanda Kilmer

Carlyn Nugent

John Heazlitt

James Lucas

Heather Tolle

Maggie Knight

Michele Dreyer

Meghan Wiggs

Deborah mann

Rafael Plata

Amelia Long (sponsored)

Catherine A Ogburn

Rennay Cooke

Cynthia Powers

Lenora Leithauser

Eileen McFall

Christina Feeney

Richard Gibbs

Harold Moore

Katie Polley

Coco's Canine Cookies

Lorraine Travis

Kathleen E Bowen

ema jourdan

Traci Proffitt

Pam J Morris

Karen Sanford

Jennifer Stacey

Mary Hubert

Linda Guthery

Tonya Cayton

Carla Klink

Nancy Close

Meghann Terry

Danielle Perkins

Allison Bryan

Karen Wyatt

Carla J. Means

Donna Careballo

Gay Robertson

Debra Fuchs

Jean Evans

Jason P. Messenger

Rose Pate

Beth Mattingly

Mary Yates

Linda Kliethermes

Amy Persuhn

Tanya Fulkerson

Kelsey Lamb

Angela Mivelaz

Courtney Gamble

Phillip Wood

Nikki Broderick

Geraldine Hogwood

Joseph Reid

Suzy Socha

Leslie Schnell

Rhonda Thistle

Suzanne Severs

Courtney Erickson

Carol Ayers

Jennifer Melcher

Bernadette Mudd

Carol Wiseman

Stacey Monroe

Susan Burnett

Sarah Ogle

Meredith Spence

Michael Eatmon

Michelle O'Neal

Christy Tobin

Brenda Burchett

Ashton Sawyer

Amelia Pike

Lynda Akridge

Erin Marcum Staley Jones

Sheila Wiedersatz

Brandi Smith

Bernadette Mudd

Carol Wiseman

Stacey Monroe

Susan Burnett

Lauren Isenberg

Sarah Ogle

Meredith Spence

Michael Eatmon

Michelle O'Neal

Christy Tobin

Brenda Burchett

Ashton Sawyer

Amelia Pike

Lynda Akridge

Erin Marcum Staley Jones

Sheila Wiedersatz

Brandi Smith

Melissa Miller

Leslie Litzenberg

Megan Renwick

AC Enterprises

Donna Young

Coco's Canine Cookies

Kimberly Williams

Susan Teale

Shirley J Franz

Holly Gritton

Cindy Tucker

Kathryn Cook

Sue Ann Wohner

Michelle Bruner

Lauren Isenberg

Dawn Peay

Vikki Crook

Lisa Beh

Carrie Balthrop

Terri Oak

Susan Saint-Lockhart

Mary Grant

Carroll Carmickle

Kenneth Sieber

Debbie Foster

Brooke Miller

Deborah Potter

Jennifer Hunt

Sara McNally

Shannon Ward

Kimberly Wells

Brenda Gunnell

Angela Mivelaz

Kyle Elzy

Linda Mitchell

Cheri Smith

Richard Heaton

Mary Y Rising

Tonya Cayton

Sharon Conlin

Mary Kirkman

Melissa Cosby

May Throne

Kimberly Scott

Angela Phillips

Jeri Tyree

Kathryn Blythe Shadburne

Carlyn Nugent

Jeremy Fitzgerald

Johnna Kelly

Heather Dougherty

petina duncan

carol stewart

Elizabeth Craven

Stephanie Bell

Jenny Bowling

Anita Dunn

Antonio Arrache

Rebecca Russell

Ashley and Don Ryan

In Honor or Memory of Your Pet

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