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211 New Fosters for 2011

For 2011, we are challenging

everyone to take part in or help

us find 211 brand new foster

families by January 31st. 

This does not mean you have to start fostering tomorrow, but that you're ready to take the leap and help an animal in need this year.

Fostering can mean saving the life an animal that would otherwise be killed simply because they're too young, too old, or need a little time to get well. So, take part and help us find others until 

we reach our goal. 

To take part, we simply need a little information to partner you with the right pet in need.

Click here for the short form or, if you

can't open it, scroll down to get the 

information needed and send it to 

[email protected] 

 (Correct e-mail is listed now - sorry for the confusion!)

We'll track our progress daily here, so check back to keep tabs on our

how we're doing!


January 1st - 7 New Fosters - Still Needed: 204

January 2nd - 6 New Fosters - Still Needed: 198

January 3rd - 2 New Fosters - Still Needed: 196

January 4th - 0 New Fosters - Still Needed: 196

January 5th - 1 New Foster - Still Needed: 195

January 10th - 2 New Fosters - Still Needed: 193

January 11-12 - 10 New Fosters - Still Needed: 183

January 13-14 - 4 New Fosters - Still Needed: 179

January 15-25 - 6 New Fosters - Still Needed: 173 (42 since Jan. 1)

January 26 - 3 New Fosters - Still Needed: 170

Become one of our 211 in 2011!




Best Phone number:

Put an X by what you can do of the below:






Ferrets, Rabbits, and other animals (please note):

Special Medical Needs

Skin problems (demodex, ring worm, etc):

Infants (needing bottle feeding):

Misc. Needs:

EMAIL TO: [email protected]


MAIL TO: No Kill Louisville, 211 in 2011 Fosters, P.O. Box 6655, Louisville, KY

In Honor or Memory of Your Pet

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